Summer is here and we’re finally able to open up to the Outdoors in Orleans County and stimulate all your senses! Read how to Open Up Your Senses to Orleans County>>>

  • Farmers Market
  • Oak Orchard Harbor at sunset
  • 2014SF-1
  • Only at the Oak do you find "Amphi-Car"
  • Pro release-modified
  • Hulberton-2015-TBshop
  • TTT-Sendoff-Medina
  • Feeling like a Winner
  • Summer Car Shows
  • OONA Summer Concert Series
  • Oak Orchard Harbor Entrance
  • Cycling the Canal 2015
  • Historic Panels
  • Holley Canal Park
  • Oak Orchard Lighthouse
  • lynneslanding

Nestled on the southern banks of Lake Ontario between Niagara Falls & Rochester, NY is historic Orleans County.  Discover the charm as you cruise along our country byways and scenic waterways while experiencing our rich history, rural culture and exhilarating outdoor fun. Don’t forget to stop in at our bountiful farm markets, charming gift shops and unique museums along the Erie Canal, Historic Ridge Road and the Seaway Trail.

Whether its historical, classical or whimsical, there’s plenty to do year-round! Find out what’s going on in Orleans County by viewing our events slideshow featured on this page and a 7-day Calendar.

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