Streamfishing Area Restrictions

Over the past few months Brookfield Power has found it necessary to impose new safety regulations at all of their facilities including the facility at the Waterport Dam on Oak Orchard River. These regulations include:

  1. Warning lights, sirens and verbal messages over a loudspeaker system both on the turbine channel and the overflow channel warning of impending changes in water flow in each channel. Yellow flashing lights indicate entrance into the water within the designated areas of Brookfield property is allowed and then the flashing red lights, siren and warning messages indicate that you need to exit the water immediately.
  2. New fenced areas and signage in areas that you are not allowed to enter the water.
  3. Signage that indicates those areas within Brookfield’s property that you are required to wear a personal flotation device.

It’s important to note that these requirements and regulations are imposed by Brookfield Power Authorities and not by either Orleans County or the Department of Environmental Conservation. All comments regarding these new regulations should be referred to Brookfield Power at Below is the chart supplied by Brookfield Power showing the areas that are impacted by the new regulations.

Brookfield Renewable_Waterport Pamphlet_4X9_26-09-2014

Fishing Area Restrictions

Orange area indicates ENTRANCE PROHIBITED. Fishing from outside the perimeter is allowed. No trespassing at any time. Yellow area indicates LIFE JACKET REQUIRED. Must be worn at all times.

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