Hillside Chapel in Clarendon by Kristina Martin

2019 Photo Contest Results

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Orleans County Tourism Photo Contest! First place goes to Kristina Martin for her picture of the Chapel at Hillside Cemetery which garnered 70 points. Peggy Barringer’s Culvert-cicles came in 2nd with 62 points and Bobby Boccaccio’s Point Breeze Lighthouse was 3rd with 47 points. (View the rankings and results below.)

Sixty-six photos were submitted by fifteen photographers. The main requirements were that the photos needed to be taken in Orleans County with a “tourism draw”. Twelve judges reviewed the entries and rated their top ten picks from 10 points to 1 point. The points were then tallied and ranked whereby the highest earned points was declared the winner.

Several of the submitted photographs will be featured in the 2020 Orleans County Tourism calendar which is published in late December as well as the Orleans County Travel & Adventure Guide which is anticipated to be published in January and distributed nationwide.

We thank all the photographers for capturing a variety of subjects and perspectives of our county and allowing us to use their images to promote our region! We also are grateful for the panel of judges who had a tough decision to narrow down their top ten as there were so many quality images to choose from.

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Criteria for ranking:

  • Does the subject have a Tourism draw? Is this an interesting attraction worth travelling to?
  • Quality: Is the photographer skilled in using interesting design elements such as depth-of-field, perspective, texture, symmetry or contrast? Is this image “Magazine Cover Worthy”?
  • “Only in the OC”: Is the image iconic to Orleans County or could this picture be taken anywhere?  Does it represent Orleans County’s character?
  • The WOW Factor: Does the image spark a positive emotion in you?
  • The I-GOT-IT! Factor: Was the photographer in the right place at the right time?