Culinary Confections of Orleans County

New Confection & Craft Beverage Pages

We added two new pages to our website to streamline the search for the culinary arts businesses such as Restaurants, Wines & Craft Beverages, Confections and Agri-Tourism/Markets.  Prior to this, our Wines & Craft Beverages were integrated in with the Agri-Tourism listings. These are now on their own page: Wineries & Craft Beverages complete with images from the producers and a map of their locations.

Cafes and shops that specialize in sweets are now on their own page as well: Confections. This includes cafe’s that specialize in desserts, ice cream shops, candy and pastry shops. We invite you to peruse these pages, taking in the tempting images from our local creative confectioners and hit the Culinary Trail of Orleans County!