Kayaking the Erie Canal

Enjoy Wide Open Spaces this Summer!

Most likely, your travel plans for 2020 went out the window along with any sense of normalcy. We empathize with all who are looking to escape from the stressors of the last several months while trying to circumnavigate the restrictions to travel long distances or visit major attractions. 

Whether you’re in need of a sense of tranquility or “Back to Nature” adventures, Orleans County offers a great remedy to those pesky limitations: Wide Open Spaces. Trails such as the Erie Canalway Trail, the Seaway Trail and even the Niagara Wine Trail offer some stimulating possibilities combining waterways, wine and wonder. Whether you travel by boat, bike or the traditional methods of transportation, there’s plenty to see and do in the region. 

  • Follow the Barn Quilt Trail and hit up our farm markets for delicious, fresh off the farm produce and award winning wines. 
  • Rent a boat or kayak and meander down the tranquil Oak Orchard River or Erie Canal and catch a glimpse of an eagle or blue heron. 
  • Seek out a wide variety of wildlife at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. 
  • Fish the open waters of Lake Ontario to pursue the illustrious King Salmon.

To whet your cultural appetite:

  • Visit any one of our museums to learn about the impact the Erie Canal had on our region’s development specific to cobblestone and sandstone architecture and maritime history. Or marvel at an impressive model train display longer than a football field.
  • Consult with our maps online to take a driving tour to 37 military monuments, 23 significant sandstone structures, 100 cobblestone buildings or over 50 barn quilts.
  • For “Creativity Seekers”, quilters, antique collectors or those into the healing arts and metaphysical, our villages are teeming with interesting shops and studios that will inspire your own style and creativity. 

Contact us for your free travel guide featuring comprehensive lists of lodging, restaurants and activities to choose from. Whether you make it a day trip or spend several nights here, we know you’ll collect some fond memories in Orleans County’s wide open spaces in 2020!