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2023 Fishing reports by Ron Bierstine, Orleans County Sportfishing Coordinator


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Archived Fishing Reports from 2022

We are on the backside of some challenging wind, snow and cold temps.  And we barely got clipped by the worst of it like SW of the area around Buffalo got it!  Thanks to the abrupt cold and snow and wind all the tribs are essentially frozen in.  Even the Oak thanks to starting out so low at the onset of the cold weather at the start of the past weekend, is mostly frozen.  Downstream slow water spots are for sure locked up and even upstream all the way to the dam is frozen except for a rivulet here and there or if you were to break something open.  Total snow cover in the immediate area may only be 6 inches give or take, but the snow is wind swept bare in spots or drifted in feet otherwise.  Going SW or just by the nature of the LES bands having moved around, accumulations will be more in different nearby areas.  The weather is a changing again according to the near term forecast, with above freezing temps expected day and night starting about Wed/ Thu and lasting at least thru the begin part of next week.  All the trib flows will be on the rise and melting and probably going off color.  We’ll have to wait and see how much they rise and open up and how much additional snow accumulations like in the Oak upper watershed get things rolling.

Archived Fishing Reports from 2021

This week’s fishing report is from Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge:

Christmas rain brought all the trib flows up with stained water color.  Forecast thru this week remaining after today is for warm temps in the 40’s°F.  Chance of an inch or so of area wide snow tonight on the Lake Ontario plain with 2-3 inches expected to the south.  That will subsequently melt.  Consider how wet it’s been for months now, the high water tables, saturated fields and brim full swamp headwater supplies and you’ll come to realize the “typical” slow rise and quick fall of trib levels is going to occur more like quick rise and slow fall.  Canal seasonal feed and winter drainage water is done or nearly done and the trib levels remain up thanks to the natural run of the river contributions.  Flows in the Oak are slightly high with 1 – 2 ft of stained visibility.  A good head of turbine water lending fishy water and cover for fish to be anywhere in the water course they would want to be.  As a few post holiday reports come in it sounds like guys have had some better steelhead action.  By steelhead standards the flows we have now are real nice and could move some fresh fish upstream.  The other area smaller tribs have slightly high flows with stained visibility of about 1 foot.  Those waterways do seem to be slowly back on the retreat.  Look for post spawn browns to be redistributed thru the waterways and the chance for some fresher steelhead.  All the waterways are wide open to fish with no icing to worry about for now.  Fishing pressure is light to moderate with what looks like a few guys here and there probably enjoying holiday time off.  Chance of legitimate winter weather and temps coming on by next week.